Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Game 1, mls season 3

i was happy with the game. happy with our new guys. happy with sigi's sub choices. more than anything i was happy with a new season and what it means to me. my wife and i can always count on a game. when we are busy and things are hectic, it is hard to make date nights count as most of you know. game nights are always guaranteed date nights. it is a given. thank you sounders for what you give to me and my wife.

sigi,please play erik friberg instead of brad evans. when zakuani looks like he is over it, which is usually about he 60th minute, sub him. lamar and miguel are more than anxious.
FO, please get us someone to replace keller for next season. he is done soon and terry boss, is great, but he is not a #1.
ozzie, take more shots. alvaro, be more consistent. O'brian white get in sync with the rest of offense.
GO Sounders!

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  1. Whatup Tyson, this is Nick (WRG new coach) could you shoot me your email (nmathis@alpinex.com)love the title of your blog!